Daily Download Limit!

Well recently many users are facing from The " Daily Download Limit" problem in Uploading.com.

Now we have to bypass it if we want to download further apps. Here is the solution!

Actually in the following process we will remove all the cookies written by uploading.com in your browser.

Simply goto Firefox > Options > Privacy > Show Cookies > Now type "uploading.com" and select all the cookies from the list and delete them.

Problem solved!

=> If you are using other browser(not firefox) then simply type this(only bold letters) at the end of the address bar javascript:alert(c=0)

well I am not sure about the last trick! If it works then plz let me know.

Finally if you still facing the same problem then 
mail me at : sydsadi@gmail.com

Thank you :)



SREENATH S said...

If You using Uploading.com Your all works will be waste no one can download any thing properly.

sydsadi said...

Thans for your valuable opinion, i'll look after it, my be I can give ziddu mirror link for all posts.

5233 user... said...

u can also use 4shared.com as well....

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