Friday, November 11, 2011

Picsel Smart Office 1.8 EN

Finest rival of MS office suit.It's an amazing "multi-talented" app.You can read, write,edit app kind of office files including office-07 and off-course PDF files.A very much handy app, amazing zoom level, amazing UI, very less load time, no lagging and many more! actually I can't describe here! just download or you'll regret !
DOWNLOAD (v1.80)
DOWNLOAD (v1.2.7)


Typing key by key days are over! now just slide your finger or stylus and get typed! This one is another amazing app from nokia beta labs. A must have app for your smarthphone, if you are a chat! guy/girl.


X-Plore 1.53

This one is the best file manager in the history of nokia smartphones, still reading??!...just download it, it's worthiest!


Unstall King

Just like batch unstall. but it is more reliable, more handy, more working and more! So download the KING!


SPB mobile shell 3.7 + key

I think I don't need to mention you about SPB apps. They're just cool!. Now this mobile shell can change your your user interface so nicely that you can hardly remember the original one! It has 3 or 5 desktop screen with amazing gadgets and many more stunning things. Worth try...

PhonetInfo 3.0

You can get all information about your phone by this app. Processor memory,Ram info, imei, battery life, OS version and many more. A very helpful app. worth try.

Pocket Lock

Amazing product! Automatically keylock you phone when you put it in your pocket! uses light sensor of your phone to detect darkness actually. One of the best off-course!

RAM info

Get info about your RAM usage.A very hady tool.

Full Qwerty

(utility)Many of us just "Hate" the disgusting nokia s60v5 mini qwerty keyboard. It's just impossible to use. So here comes the solution.This app enables opera keyboard+Iphone qwerty.So you don't have to suffer any more. I personally like it!


Media Safe v2.00

(security)Great file safe.It uses special type on encryption,so it doesn't only hide your file, it also make your files almost invisible! even card reader couldn't find these files unless you make them viable.So it is your best BODYGUARD!

Best call recorder + Keygen

(utility)Record unlimited calls with no beep sound! Great relief!