Monday, November 14, 2011


Ever tried to watch youtube videos on your phone, and didn't get the quality? ... then this is the perfect solution. Watch youtube videos on your phone with pc like experience. Worth try! 


Nimbuzz! is the best chatting app for nokia and all other smartphones. You can chat from almost all chat accounts at a time. Facebook chat and Skype video chat are the things that really needs to be mentioned. All I can say "The best chatting experience"

Opera Mobile 11.10

Opera Mobile is the latest and best web browser for Nokia smartphones. More than 90% phone users use this app for browsing internet. Opera Mobile is the most reliable web browser i have ever seen. So one thing I can say... "This best one! "

Google Maps 3.2.0

Google maps is one of the most basic app that people need everywhere. If you have this in your phone, surely you can never be lost! (just joking!)

Well we all know what google maps is, So download it and surf over the world from your bedroom!

Real Football

Football or Soccer game for Nokia s60v5. works great with all phone.

Polarbit Iron Sight

Iron Sight offers a unique blend of action, strategy and simulation. The basic premise is deceivingly simple: destroy the enemy before he has a chance to destroy you! Attack with a large and varied range of weapons and power-ups: homing missiles, artillery, satellite support, cluster missiles and much more.
Iron Sight features an advanced AI – enemies respond to the current situation, value possible threats and weather conditions to select the appropriate weapon and utilize available terrain for cover. Beginners need not worry, however, as the game offers suitable difficulty settings for both newbies and battle-hardened veterans.
The campaigns take you through many different environments, from war-torn wastelands and frozen wastes to green grassland, all littered with the remains of a shattered civilization. Two separate single-player campaigns and multiplayer over Internet or hot-seat ensures hour-upon-hour of gameplay.
(courtesy: polarbit)
Note: You have to solve your certificate problem before install it. Because this app is unsigned. Luckily the process is so easy! Just follow the instructions described in "Certificate Problem?" section.