Sunday, December 11, 2011

Power Calculator (scientific)

Power Calculator by zinga team is the most desirable calculator for students and programmers. This one is probably the most featurable calculator for smartphones in this living world!! You can use trigonometric calculations, logarithomic calculations , square root, cubic calculations and many more! The most amazing thing about this calculator is you can do MATRIX arithmetic, and not only that, you can also use it for 4 kind of BASE conversions and GRAPH plotting too!

For usage instructions, just goto to "Help" inside the app. All instructions are described there in a very friendly way. SO surely you are not going to encounter any problem for that.

One more thing, This app is unsigned, so if you encounter certificate problem, solve it first. 
Go to 
"Certificate Problem" section of this blog to solve it.

At first install QT Pack, Then install Power Calculator.

1. QT Pack


Izhar said...

i installed it but it isn't working

Akit said...

I am also using this scientific calculator but not getting how to find Square root calculator . Please suggest me how to find this .

Dawood Khan said...

Thanks for this Blog I liked it. Iphone

Siddhant Yadav said...

I also installed it after getting the most useful information through this blog and it is working smoothly. I am also using one more app that is WhizXpress and it available for all platforms. just checked it out.

bharti sharma said...

Nokia का ‘D1C’ एंड्रॉइड स्मार्टफोन, जल्द हो सकता है लॉन्च

Jatin Malik said...

Nokia6 स्मार्टफोन 26 फरवरी को होगा लांच


Avery Lilliard said...


Greg Maddison said...

You guys need to know that the link above is not working. Good thing I already ssearched and found the file, and with all goodwill I am going to share the file here.



Link I gave is the link for the file. :)

Hillary Anderson said...

Great blog post and really helpful and very interesting midnightinfo

Domnic said...

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